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How can I export files from acad to pro e


New member

Tell me please, how can I export files from acad to pro e. I'm working on a cog wheel in pro e but the teeth are not perfect(so I used a predefined gear in acad butthe problem is that I dont know how to export it -import it in Pro E)

Please excuse my english


New member
You can export as dxf or use dwg R13 or R14 format to Pro/E 2001.
Dont know if WF2 can read later versions.

You can then use the imported drawing to copy sections to the sketcher.
Dont remember the exact procedure but it's documented in the help files.


New member

Follow this in importing autocad datatoWF2.0 Insert>Shared Data>From File but make sure to position the autocad based from x,y coordinate with the location you want to put in Pro/E.
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New member
10x but i don't have the wildfire 2.0,I/m waiting the cd's,someone made a promise that he will deliver to me as soon as he can,I'll try then,but till then if you know how to import files in pro e 200i,i2,2001!!!!!!