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How can I change the datum plane orientation already there?


How do I change datum plane orientation. For example: If the model is already created with defined datum planes (Top,Front, Right) How do I go in and make the Top datum plane the Front datum plane and make the Front datum plane the Top datum plane? And vise versa?

I know you would choose the correct datum planes right from the begining, but this is not the case. The model has already been created and I need to change the orientationof them.
How about changing the names? Setup > Name in 2001, double click the name in the model tree (or right mouse button and Rename) in WF.
Right click on the protrusion and click on edit references and then it asks alternate or same option for all the references like sketching plane etc.

You can also redefine the protrusion and change the references for the sketch but beware of facing the resolve mode if the succeeding features depend on the protrusion. So you have to change those refences as well.