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How can I add a new import feature id

Usually, I create my part having as a reference a section imported from AutoCAD (import feature id). However, in a current project I need to import a new section in order to modify my part. how can I do this???????


New member
Run your Autopart. Feature>create what you need>sketch>data from file>choose from the pulldown options the import type or select from the current working directory.


New member
Redefine the import feature. Choose #file and point to the new file. Choose #replace all or #add. When choosing #replace all you are prompted to select matching pairs of entities. Choose #auto prompt or #done.

If you're lucky or haven't changed much, you don't have to reroute. But don't be afraid of rerouting. It's still the most powerfull option in ProE.



You can only import a dxf file into a drawing. However, once you have the dxf in a drawing you can output an iges file which you can import into a part. You may need to scale and or shift the dxf data in the drawing before exporting the iges data. Several steps but it works.
Maybe I have not been clear enough...I have created a part on top of a section drawing (dxf file). more specific.... open#type (my dxf file)#part. After that I have created two vertical datums and then I started to create my model having as reference the (import feature id). However, this reference section AutoCAD drawing was not correct and some small modifications have been occured. question is how can I change in my model the existing import deature id which is wrong with the new one in order to modify my model


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