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Horizontal modeling

I've seen a few discussion about this over the past year. For my money, it's just buzz words and BS. I simply can't believe they are applying for patents on a best practice. As far as I'm concerned it has the aroma of a scam.
The white paper sure doesn't give anything away.

Any modeling processes can be vertical or horizontal - it just depends on which way is chosen to lay out the process flow chart !!!
The way I read it, dephi is building models where features are based on extraneous datums and not the part features. That way when a feature is changed the part does not fail.

The majority of their time savings was scrapping 2D cad for generation of process sheets & using their 3D master process models.

Maybe if they had been using pro/process instead of UG they wouldn't have made this remarkable discovery.

I better get off my protrusion and patent my Diagonal, Transwarp Modeling and I Did It My Way Process Design before these folks discover it. I skimmed the article trying to find the kernal of what they have and it did'nt float my boat. One thing I DID notice instead of a great emphasise on rapid developemnt and sound stable parts, the primary benefits seems to be a Reduction of required personel oohhh THATS a benefit we all want to have our managers implement at the SOONEST opportunity.

CadCamNet just had an article on this:

Actually, many of their ideas have been in our SOP for using Pro/E for years. I don't see how they can get a patent on such generalized ideas or how they could prevent anyone from using them. I think the patents are still pending because my searches of the USPO have not turned up anything.
These were just patent applications filed...

There are links to the patent applications on a thread on this topic from the PTC/User exploder a few months ago... You can search the archives for more info.