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Horizontal Machining


Hello all

How can we make a mfg file for Horizontal Machining center on Wild Fire2??



New member

I agree, extremly broad question. And this is assuming that you have the PRO/NC-COMPLETE_SET option.

Don't know if this helps, but I think the biggest problem for first time users with Horizontalsis the set up of the rotary table. Keep in mind, this is just one example of many ways to set up a Horizontal Machining Center. We program absolute code from center rotation of table. Therefore under Operation Setup, Machine Zero reference is coordinate sys with Z+ toward B0, Y+ up, X+ to right, located on top of and center of pallet (bottem center of tombstone, fixture, etc). This is where the code output will be driven from.

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When machining is done at any other rotation other than angle fromprior sequence, a seperate coordinate-cys will have to be created (at same location normally)with Z+ facing the new angledirection. Under Sequence Setup for the machining that is being performed at this new rotation, COORD SYS must be checked and new CSYS must be selected when promted. Even tools that machine at several rotational angles have to have another sequence performed for each rotational angle (NEXT SEQ).

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Make sure that your post is properly configured for your machine and the code output that you desire. Also, keep in mind, these CSYSs can be anywhere at fixture level, part level or wherever, dependant upon your requirements.

These CSYS are also easily organized if they are setup prior to any machining sequences.

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ncprog said:

I agree, extremly broad question. And this is assuming that you have the PRO/NC-COMPLETE_SET option. ...snip...snip...

Now, that's an answer! Good job ncprog, way-a go.



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Nice presentation, NCProg!

I just want to point out that selecting the sequence CSYS from 'anywhere' is only recommended for Wildfire2 and can lead to erratic behavior in Wildfire 1 and earlier. Wildfire2 creates a copy of the CSYS at the assembly level to deal with this problem. If using WF1, 2001, etc, create the CSYS at the assembly level to avoid problems.



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Thanks for the clarification, Peter!


We used EdgeCAM (up to ver 8.75.0) until switching to PTC products. We did a very thorough reserch of CAM products prior to purchasing EdgeCAM. Every CAM salesperson stumbled on Horizontal Machining (We have 12 Horizontals, no verticals). Most CAM reps had to squedule second visit with an AE present to do horizontal machining (vertical machining being most sale's "dog and pony show" ). We ended up selecting EdgeCAM (very good software) over others (GibbsCAM close second) but never reviewed Pro/Manufacture because we were using another CAD product at the time. When Corporate switched to Pro/Engineer, we did an extensive pilot of Pro/Manufacture and found that we could do everything that all other CAM softwares did (excellent PTC AE conducting pilot). In my experience, PTC products have the hardest, longest learning cuve of any other software I have used, but in time found to be one of the most powerful tools on the market! I'm a big believer in associativity (even though EdgeCAM's associativity is great with all major CAD softwares), and unless your going to spend $$$'s on Catia or UG, with the proper training, PTC for CAD, CAM (incuding sheetmetal machining), is extremely hard to beat! ... yes its difficult, yes you got bugs from software upgrades, yes, my system has crashed unfavoribly at times, and last ... yes, my flat panel has dents from being the victim of too many headbutts (just kiddin)!




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Hi Zaki,

I do not understand your complaint about Pro/NC and the comparison to EdgeCAM. Assuming that you have a 4-axis horizontal and a 4-axis vertical with the same capabilities, and the machining convention that you setup in your shop is the same for both, all you need is to re-post for the right machine (without touching anything in your mfg file).

Bcoz software like EdgeCAM has a button called vertical or horizontal, and Pro/NC does not, does not make Pro/NC unable to support horizontal machinign or to switch to horizontal machining.

I have a lot of fair complaints about Pro/NC, and how to enhance it (as I do with every Nc softwrae I know), but this is certainly not one of them.



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Just wondering are you going to be doing true 4th axis work or just indexing? Face at B0, ends at B90. and B180.?? Lot of Horz. are just indexers.

Do you have a tool pre-setter on the machine? What brand machine?