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Hollow lofted with reinforcing/joining tubes inside


New member
Just wondering what the most sensible way of drawing this would be.

I've drawn the outline, offset the drawing to create the inner part of the loft (hollow section) then drawn the reinforcing tubes in. When I've gone to loft it I have to loft the outer perimeter, loft cut the inner perimeter then loft cut each individual tube. It is a very lengthy process full of bugs.

Is there a better, quicker or easier way of drawing this?




New member
can you not just draw one tube and then patter around a path? Or try drawing the tubes as part of the inner perimeter instead of drawing them a separate entities just use power trim to remove the area where the tube intersects the inner perimeter.


New member
I did try that, the tubes are part of the inner perimeter but the hole in the middle of them won't loft cut with the inner perimeter, instead i have to loft cut them one by one.
I'm unsure how to pattern the tubes around the path as it is using splines and the bottom goes out wider than the top.
I'm self taught with cad and solidworks, so please excuse my limited knowledge for naming things!