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Hole tables


New member
I have a part in which I have a lot of hole (Both tapped and straight holes), when i use hole tables,

1)I get hole numbers only for straight holes and not for the tapped holes, how can i get hole numbers for tapped holes?

2) The hole numbers created are not as per my requirement, How do i control them and number them according to my requirement?


New member
I believe that Pro/E release 2001 only shows straight holes and not tapped holes. The support people explained to me that the hole table is a new function for 2001 and not yet complete. Apparently later releases will include all hole types.



New member

I'm giving support in ProE and in many companies that I'm visiting, they have that same problem.

What I do to solve that problem::

Make an UDF which contains a tapped hole and a straight hole. Be sure that the second hole (=the straight hole) has a diameter equals to the 'drill_diameter' of the first hole. Write a feature-relation something like X=drill_diameter:FID_yyyy (x=diamter second hole and yyyy=ID_number of the first hole).

The depth of the second hole can be easily set to a surface (datum plane) that was created 'on the fly' referenced to that first tapped hole. Be sure that is referenced to the depth of straight cylinder in that tapped hole.

Doing that,... your second (straight) hole will exactly have the same dimension like the first hole. (Let say your second hole cuts just 'air' away :) )

Put everything in an UDF....... and you will have the possibility to put a classic straight hole and your (special) UDF 'tapped hole for holetable' in a part . When you now create a holetable on your drawing you will get a complete automated holetable containing both types of holes !!!!

Kind regards,



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