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Hole Table


New member
I have generated a PCB layout with serveral holes. I would like to have PRO/E Wildfire 2.0 generate a table listing the x,y locations of each hole. I've looked underTOOL where the hole table should I thought be but not there. Could someone help me create a hole table.


New member
The same problem was reported by someone else too
in this forum. Could be a problem with the menu. Not sitting infront of Pro/E at the moment.

Try Tool--->Customize screen and check whether you can add an icon to the screen.


New member
I know it is slightly off the original question, but why are you generating a drawing of the PCB layout.

I have done hundreds of fully defined PCBs without generating any
drawings for them as all the required information went through the ECAD
interface thus eliminating the human error associated with re-entering data.


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New member
Thanks for replying..

I have several mounting holes that rather than try and dimension (adim. mess)I would generate a hole table listing my x,y coordinates. I was told this can be done in the "Draw Mode".

ECAD, guess I don't know that one..I'm starting to believe that Pro/E is not the package I need to do this work however, this is what I have. Could you help me in the right path...to designingthis 1 layer PCB.



New member
Firstly, what PCB package are you using and will it accept an IDF
interface.If it doesn't, go no further. See www.intermedius.com
for more details.

If it does, then read the Pro/ECAD section of the manuals.


To get the best out of ECAD does take a significant amount of
configuration and background work but this does turn it into an
incredibly useful tool.