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Hole Table Trouble


New member
Does anybody know how to force a hole table to only show the holes currently visable in a sheet.

I have a number of detail veiws on various sheets of the same drawing, when I create a standard hole table for these detailed views I get all of the holes which correspond to the chosen co-ordinate. Which means the sheets get loaded with lot's of labels that don't seem to attach to anything, and a table as long as your arm.

I can delete (erase) all of these unwanted values on each sheet for the desired result, but they come back everytime I update the table.

Also when trying to update a hole table on one sheet, I hit tools>hole table>update, and it updates tables on every sheet, and I have to start erasing everything again. So is it possible to only update the tables one at a time?

This is really driving me crazy, having to update and erase tables all the time!