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Hole Pattren & Table by using DTM Planes


New member
Hi Forum & Members,

Thank you very much To this Genuine Forum& To the Esteemed Members forProviding this Oppertunity to share Knowledge & to improovingour Skills.

This is really a good thing. Because lot of people are facing different type of Problems while working daily. But some times wecan able to solve in few minutes and some timesnot. This forum is really helping to all of us. And it is really pulling out the Best practices.

Yeah, I am coming to the point. I am creating holes by using Table Pattrens. While giving the Horizontal and vertical references I am giving the Datum pLanes as references. It is fine. Ok.

But the Problem is while creating the Hole Table in Drw. When it is asking for Horizontal And Vertical references, I am giving the same Datum planes. But it is saying that these are not the correct references and holes are created with this references. Is there any thing I am doing Wrong or something else ?

Please give me some suggestions. It helps to me& forlot of people also.





It isn't the planes that you use for the pattern table - it's the dimenional position of the hole.

eg if the hole is 50 from the RIGHT plane & 25 from the FRONT plane - to get a pattern table I usually:-

Create a dimension pattern, selecting both dimensions.

Change from dimension pattern to table pattern, and edit the table.

The dimensions are all from your 2 datum planes - positive values are the same side of the datum plane as the original hole.


New member
Hi Robert,

I thank you very much.

Actually I am not facing any problem while creating the Hole Pattern thro table option.

But while creating Hole table only I am facing problem If I used datum planes as vertical and horizontal references, it is saying that as references are not correct.

Please clarify this.