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hole chartsf


New member
Has anyone made any hole charts in 2001 or WF/2? I have some
large plates with a plethora of holes. Ordinate and conventional
dimensioning crowds the drawing too much. Thanks

&nbs p; Don


New member
It's very easy to make hole charts in WF 2.0

Create a coordinate system where plane contained holes iscoincident with XY

click tool>hole table> Create, and you'll be prompted to seclect the CS.

Next, point out where you wantthe hole table to be placed...

That's all...

Also, you cansearch pro/engineer help for further reference...
Edited by: ndk


New member
One word of caution...

Hole chart would take holes created by the "hole" command.

If you want to include holes created by the Extrude Cut command, create on Datum axes instead of Holes.


New member
I've used hole charts in WF1.

But all the re-formatting I do reverts back to its original style when the "update" command is used.

Any offers of help om how to prevent this from happening.