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History of PTC


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Does any one know about the history of PTC

Who Started PTC, when it started, who was the key person behind Pro-Egineer software prparation etc. etc.???
Pro/Engineer and PTC was founded by a Russian MIT mathematics professor who devised a new way of representing solid objects in computer programming, by using feature-based modelling instead of Boolean operations.

The corporate headquarters is currently located in Needham MA and they've got a core group of about 700 programmers (last I heard) who work on the code.

I'm pretty certain the CV rumor is false. Although I did hear that SolidWorks was created by 3 former PTC guys who left to create a low- to mid- end CAD system.
Geometry professor Samuel Geisberg fled the USSR in 1974 and worked for computer-aided design (CAD) software development firms Computervision and Applicon. At the urging of his brother Vladimir (who had emigrated in 1980 and started his own software firm) he founded Parametric Technology in 1985 to remedy flaws in mechanical design software.

With financial backing from Charles River Ventures and other investors, Geisberg developed his CAD/CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) product. Charles River also brought in Steven Walske as CEO in 1986. The first Pro/ENGINEER product was shipped in 1988, and Parametric went public the next year, building market strength by marketing to engineers and keeping prices at half those of competitors' products.

In 1994 Walske became chairman when Geisberg retired and took up the position of senior scientist. The next year Parametric purchased Evans & Sutherland Computer's conceptual design and rendering software business and model simulation firm Rasna, which offered tools that let users simulate the operation of products in real-life settings. In 1996 Parametric acquired project modeling and management software from Greenshire License Company.

In 1998 Parametric acquired Computervision, which brought in a strong base of automotive, aerospace, and shipbuilding customers and the company's first Internet product. That year Parametric also bought the automotive and aerospace engineering software operations of Control Data Systems and Web-based 3-D mechanical component parts catalog specialist InPart.

With sales for its legacy CAD/CAM products slowing, Walske began pushing Web-based collaboration and business-to-business design through acquisitions. Parametric in 1999 bought UK-based data visualization tool specialist Division Group and auxilium, a developer of Web-based software tools for integrating legacy product data. The company's Web-based collaborative software suite (Windchill) was introduced in late 1999. Walske turned over the CEO duties to president Richard Harrison in 2000 to focus on long-range strategies; he remains chairman.

In 2002 Parametric sold its ICEM surface modeling operations to that division's management team. Also in 2002, Parametric sold its MEDUSA line of 2D CAD products to CAD Schroer, a German reseller.
thanks very much for reply,

Actually I was not expecting such a detailed answer.

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