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Highlighting a part takes very long

Hi guys,

I recently got a new workstation but since then I am having a big issue with Creo Parametric 3.0 M080. Every time I hover my mouse over a complicated part it takes up to 5 seconds to highlight it and the system hangs until it does. On my old PC this was instantaneous. Rotating, zooming and panning works fine.

Both systems are very similar. They were both running Windows 10 64-bit. Same amount of HD space (except that I'm using an SSD for operating system and software now), same amount of RAM memory, I moved my FirePro W7100 card from the old to the new computer and I'm using the same drivers. The only thing that's basically different between the 2 systems is a new motherboard and the CPUs. I'm now using 2 Xeon E5 2670 processors. I know, this is no use to Creo, but I do lots of renderings which is why the dual CPUs are useful.

Anyone who knows what could be causing this? Is this graphics card related? Or does Creo Parametric not handle dual processors well?