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Hide Piping Centerlines on Drawing


New member
I'm using Creo/Parametric 2.0 and cannot figure out how to hide the centerlines of Piping features on a drawing. I've read through the two previous posts on this issue, but the more recent one dates back to 2007. I'm looking to see if anyone has a more elegant solution with Creo.

With the Pipe feature (not using the Piping application), I can hide the feature in the model tree (which doesn't make any logical sense to me), and the centerlines will disappear on the drawing, but not using the routed Piping features (extend, to pnt, etc.).

Why does this have to be so frustrating? The options that seem like they should do this don't function, and when I'm not creating a schematic, why would I want the CL shown on my drawing? Just seems like I'm banging my head against the wall for something that should be very simple :confused:.


New member
Alright, so I finally found it after searching some more in the forums. In the Drawing Properties (File->Prepare->Drawing Properties) under Detail Options, you can add a property called hlr_for_pipe_solid_cl and set it to "yes". That finally worked. Far too many places to look for this stuff, and why would the default be "no"? Anyhow, got it figured out!



I have always used layers for this. Very simple and much easier to get to than a drawing detail option. Just be sure to keep your drawing and model layers independent.


New member
You can also hide the pipe feature, the centerline will be hidden while the pipe itself remains visible.