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Hide or move axis in to layer


New member

I created threaded hole.Any possibility to hide/move axis in to layer without thread.If i am hiding axis, thread is also hide.i want to hide seperatly axis and thread.


New member
Hi arroyopr,

how do you manage to hide the axis from a thread created with the hole-tool?

I cannot hide this axis. Although I tried to hide the axis from
the layer tree. It seems that ProE WF2 (M080) create a
group which I cannot explode.

Maybe you can help me?




New member
Hello, guys,

I have the same problem with the axis of a thread.
I have to tell you that I have designed a different layer for thread and made the settings to add the thread features there, therefor when I add a thread is going automatically on both layers (axis and thread), so after that I remove the thread feature from axis layer, and than I add only the label of axis into the axis layer with: Layer/add item/text and I select the name of axis.
In this way the name of axis can be hide but the line of axis remains visible. It is a compromise that I think can be accepted. Ore interesting think is if you make a copy of the thread feature (by copy/mirror for example),than the axis is not visible at all on the copy feature.
I use ProE2001 but as far as I know it is the same problem in Wildfire.