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Hide in Model Tree?


New member

When I hide parts in model-tree of assembly,then I save the model.

But I close wildfire,and then I open wildfire about this assembly. All of hiding parts will BE displayed in the graphic window.

Pls help me how to solve this question!


New member
Check the View menu / Visibility / and see if there's a Save Status.

WF build 2003210 would save the feature view status (which I liked), but I recently installed WF2 and that's the way it has to be done (which is kinda ho-hum IMO).


New member

I do have the question similar to this, though i m working with standard pro/E and not with wildfire.

Is there any provision in pro/E where one can completely lock the part so that nobody else can make any changes in that part OR nobody else can see the details of that part OR complete and permanent depletion of model tree in that part ???

Hide/Unhide....layers ON/OFF are the temporary solutions i suppose and anybody can turn it ON. Do the user have a permanent control over the flowing information of a part ??


New member
You can make part features Read Only..... Thats a good stumper for people. Though you cannot put a password on them it will throw most people for a loop.


Active member

Save your part or assembly as .neu file and nobody will be able to make any changes to it or how it was developed.


You open layers model tree and after hiding objects right click

anywhere in layers modeltree and click on save status and now you save your assembly.



New member

Thanks for the information, I tried wid neutral files...its perfect !!

In other way, can I say that saving a part as .neu (neutral files) will hide all the history of that part permanently and no changes can be made in that part !! hope i m correct..


why don't you use layers to manipulate your assembly efficient?

Hide i think it is not the cleverest way to handle big assemblies



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