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Hi Plz Every one take part in this discussion


New member
Why Proe chat is not effectively used we can share a lot on this chat if we use it why people are not loging into it?

Ha ha!! Exactly what I was wondering!! Every time I log on to the chatting section, it always shows : No users are currently logged on !!

Hey guys! When you can chat for hours on Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ etc., can't you log on to this one and chat on topics that can be extremely useful for people .... like me!!

Ok ... so we're all in different time zones all over the world, but according to the website there are more than 12,000 proecentral registered users. Then how come I've never seen more than 40 users online at a time... (Status at the upper right hand corner of the site)??
It would depend on how much time people actually spend here each time they log in.

I check in once in awhile but Im never here for more than a few minutes checking the recent posts.

how much time a someone possibly stay in here if all that's intresting is the forums.. anyway, not everybody has the same thing to chat about..

same for me, come in to check on the forums, maybe post up one or two and then i'm gone..

Most of the time it's difficult to chat on line as I am too busy with my design work. Any questions I have I can get answer for on the forum, and besides if my company found out I was logging on the net just chatting all the time, with friendly people I would probably loose my job.

So thats why you will never see me sending messages across the net that is not work related in works time.

Rajmaan from the UK
i hope the topic i started kindles everyone intrest but when it is possible to make private msgs we can chat atleast if there is some provision to see who is online in the form one who needs a tech chat can see his status and send him a online msg do u all agree

My advice would be: if you want to chat, call PTC technical support. You could probably even get an Indian.