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hexagonal curve on ball surface


New member
Today my task is creating hexagonal and pentagonal curve on
ball/sphere surface. These curves should be look like the facets of
soccer ball. But i have no idea how to make it parametric with
the diameter of sphere. Is there any good advise for my task,
please? My boss is watching my back now.





see the link

http://www.mcadcentral.com/proe/files/gallery.asp?action=bro wse&categoryid=49&whichpage=15


[url]http://www.mcadcentral.com/proe/files/gallery.asp?action=bro wse&categoryid=49&whichpage=22 [/url]

and search for the crystallball file or soccerball

it is not a very efficient solutions but it works by the meaning that if i want to change the diameter of the ball the system cannot regenerate the hexagonals itself

i will try for something new and i will come back when i have something..

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Would it not be possible to create a sphere and then draw up ur pattern then either "wrap" or "project" it ?

as long as u were able to draw up that pattern. u could also use the diameter of the ball to make it auto adjust.

just a thought. not sure of the pattern


New member
Thanks guys, i've tried some tricks.

If i make the ball and than curve projected/warp on surface, i can
determine the normal plane. As far as i know, we can pattern at sphere

And thanks god, i've found the solution. first thing first, i make the
hex curve, then the pent on the side of hex. BTW, its a long jurney to
make one ball. but it work well. I will upload this ball to this site.
By pro/program and one relation, i can make the curve depend on the
ball's diameter.

I hope some one has another faster and better way to make it.




so you know,

an easy way to draw any shaped polygon, in ur case a hexegon would be

1- draw a construction circle

2- draw the amount of connecting lines ( 6 in ur case)

3- constrain all the lines to equal length



nice part... too complicated

i don't know.... there must me another way ... mathematical approach needs i think..

... one question.. could it possible to fill the ball with only hexagonal curves ? or not ? do we have to use pentagonal also to fill the surface ball equally?

i think that it is a part that needs a try from all users...


New member
I got a new job and I'm stuck in autocrud hell, so I can't test this:

As for making this thing parametric, could you not just project the points? Perhaps a set of radial lines that intersect the sphere as points? Once the points are projected to the sphere, the curves are trivial.

This is an alternate, perhaps obstinate reply, because I'm not sure how the model is being used. It seems to me that insted of making parametrics, could you not just globally scale the model you already have working? It's a brute force and ignorance solution, but it might work for you.