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Helps with vrml


New member
Hi I need a little help with pro-engineer export. I successfully export a pro-e part in vrml format, but when I try to look it with a vrml viewer(not PTC product) the program say that is not able to visualize the file. My question is: the problem is due to pro-e, that requiere a particular viewer? In this case where I can find it?




New member
pro/e exports vrml in the older format ( vrml1) . most vrml browsers these days run only VRML97(vrml2) format. Thats why you are facing the problem of visualization. What I suggest is that you try CORTONA from . After installing the CORTONA 4, install the VRML 1 converter ( Now you can view your model. Incase, you still don't see anything on the screen on the FIT button in the browser.

Another option would be to find a VRML1 viewer....but i'd prefer CORTONA.



New member
Thanks a lot to everyone! My problem was the vrml 1.0 version of the file, I solved it with Cortona, like Niki said, now my pro-e vrml files function perfectly!!!

Thanks again


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