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Help with SHELL feature


New member
Hello all,

Still a bit of a novice on Pro/e and wondered if someone can help?? I have a flat surface of 0.6mm thick with two 5 deg. draft protrusions coming out of it - 180 deg. apart (one on front of the surface, one on the back). I can send prt file if needed.

I would like to be able to shell both protrusions to make two pockets - its for a box moulding, I just get "can't construct geometry" errors when I try.

Need 0.6mm wall thickness of shell - using Pro/E 2001. Thanks in advance.



New member
I'm having trouble picturing (attaching one might help) what you're about, but is a plate with opposing cup shapes, open end out, close?

If that's it I don't think shell (which is simply automated surface offset, stitch and join, usually involving an entire body) is what you want(?).