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Help with CAD Admin for Pro/E & Intralink



Introducing a new resource for CAD Administrators working with Pro/E and Intralink.

The site provides a range of hints and advice for anyone dealing with the Admin side of Pro/E and Intralink, whether they are CAD Administrators, Designers/Drafters, or Power Users who find themselves dealing with issues beyond just parts & drawings.

Pro/E is the initial focus - more information will be added regularly, including Intralink & Intralink/Windchill Gateway Admin. Windchill ProductView & ProjectLink will be covered in future.

There are also plans to launch Admin tools, such as:

- Graphical web-based license monitoring

- Workspace remote-viewing scripts

- Startup script customisation



The first three free Pro/E Admin tools have launched:

- Graphical web-based license tracker

- Workspace remote viewing

- Startup script helper

These each come with configurator pages that help you tailor the tools to your specific needs...

Feedback welcome.