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Help: Pro/INTRALINK Client can not connect to data server!


New member
I have a Pro/INTRALINK V3.1(datacode:2001361),and I installed the file server and data server in a computer. Because I only have a node-locked license for Pro/INTRALINK,so I have not install the flexlm license management soft, instead,I install the client with node-locked license in the computer which also hosts file server and data server,and it was convinced the Pro/INTRALINK Client worked well.

When I install the Pro/INTRALINK client software in other computers,that is, the Pro/INTRALINK client computer which do not host file server and data server,the Pro/INTRALINK client didn't work at all. As you know, it is the cad team work togher,so they all must share the files in the Pro/Intralink data server,if just one person whose computer hosts Pro/Intralink data server can use the PDM software, the Pro/INTRALINK just worth nothing.

The image below indicate what had happened:

I wonder what is wrong with the software? Whether the Pro/INTRALINK must work with floating license?

Who can tell me what I should do to slove this problem?

Best regards for your help!!!

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