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Help on this mechanism


New member
Well I am a newbie in mechanism of proE and I am using proE2001.Recently, I have started to learn proE mechanism. I need to create an animation of these two gears for my project.Does anyone have a tutorial on mechanism on meshing gears.I need to make the two gears rotate slightly(i.e. the shaft of the lower gear swing from left to right and left againwith its gears mesh and rotate about the circumference of the top gear).Well, I have look through some of the previous post but I don't quite understand those because I am a beginner in mechanism. I need your help. Thanks!

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New member
hi in 2001 u dont have any gear connections, u have to run
both the gears using servo motors only. This option is anyway
available in WF &WF2.


New member
The Only you need to do is define a pair of gear conections with the respective ratio and then add two servos, for animate that