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Help needed trying to create threads


New member
Hi, i'm a Pro/E newbie and would really like it if someone could list
the exact steps in using the Helical Sweep command for creating
threads on a shaft. I've searched the forums and internet for a
tutorial and info on making threads with Pro/E but cannot seem to find

I'm using a student version of 2000i. Here's a pic of my project. I'm
trying to put threads (5/16 x 24) on the end of the crankshaft.

Thanks for any help.

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Good for you! Just as a note, standard practice is to just use a cosmetic thread feature. It has about 1% of the overhead of the helical sweep but it doesn't look near as cool.


New member
Thanks dr_gallup, i tried using the cosmetric thread feature but it
didn't seem to work for me as well, must have been doing something


New member
The cosmetic thread is used for simplified representation of screw threads in drawings. It is nothing more than a surface representing your thread dia/length. If you want your model to look pretty, then you have to use the helical sweep.