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help! large proE to iges to polytrans, file too big?


New member
Hi all! just found this forum, hope this will help. I'm not a CAD user or engineer so ha patiance. Recently a client of mine approached me with a couple of large IGES files that originates from proE, the small file is about 140Mb and the large 390Mb. I have only tried to load the small one inte polytrans, it loads (takes about an hour) The file is to be exportet to max for animation and rendering. when imported into PT it states that it has importet some 90-100 000 nurbs patches....a little too much for max to handle so i try to do as told in the insrucitions and select everything by clicking on the objectname world in the selector window which causes the application to hang/crash i have tried the same thing over and over again. My system has only 1Gb of ram is this why it wont work? i really dont know what to do....please someone help!

thanks in advance!



New member
Try and have your client use 3d PAINT to create a wavefront (*.obj) file.

IGES files are always huge but wavefronts are significantly smaller and 3ds should be able to open this directly.

3d PAINT was developed especially to do this..