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HELP - Included tutorials and Pro/Tutorial


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There are two tutorials that come with ProE 2001. They located in C:\Program Files\proe2001\apps\tutorials. The Pro/Tutorial program is in the bin folder. However, when I try to open these files with Pro/Tutorial, it just freezes, and I have to close it with the Task manager. I have been able to open them before on a Windows 2000 machine... is XP the problem? I have tried running the program in compatibility mode for windows 2000. Any help?


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You are right. But there is a solution. Create environment variable for pro/tutorial batch file.

I can now run these tutorials without setting the compatibility mode to Windows 2000.



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I run another website at http://www.3DCADTips.com and am partners with the folks who run this excellent site! That's our ad over there on the right column.

Anyway, this talk of tutorialsmakes me want to let you know that we currently have over 300 links on our site to online Pro/E tutorials each categoriezed and searchable.

Here is the direct link:
but you will have to register for free to browse them. Sorry about that, its just the way the Web works today.

The site also has links to over 900 pro/E tips online! Again, each categorized. Here's the link to that category:

The site also supports just about every other popular CAD system.

I know this topic from experience. I'vebeen an automotive designer for 10 years in my career (thankfully not now) and have used Pro/E like you guys on the fly. Now I write about it and try to help users like I needed help back then but could'nt find it.

If you get a chance to check out the site, please let me know what you think by replying to this thread. I feel better now and I'm going back to bed.

Good luck to all of you. I really mean it!....


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