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Help -Folding out a funnel


New member
Hi there, was wondering if someone could help me (I'm a bit of a Solidworks novice!) I have made a funnel by sketching a thin wall at the desired including angle, and the desired height, then rotate extruded it to make a hollow funnel. NOW I wish to slice it and fold it out...so it will show the "net" of the funnel.

Thanks for any help!


New member
Start with sketching a single line with the desired length, angle and distance from a center line. Make a revolved extrude, using the Thin option where you can add a specific thickness. In order to make a flat pattern, the revolved extrude shouldnt be exactly 360 degrees but close to it. Like 359,5 degrees or something similar.

Next step is to insert a bend. You can find this option at the Sheet Metal Toolbar. Select one of the 2 outer edges of the gap made by the revolved extrude. You will see that SolidWorks changed the part into a sheet metal part. With Flatten (also at the Sheet Metal Toolbar) you will see the flat pattern ;)

Notice that this flat pattern is not 100% accurate because you didnt make a full 360 degrees revolve extrude. However, with using a 359,9 degrees or higher you can provide good flat patterns.