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helmet faceguard


New member
I am doing a project and i need to model the face protector on Pro Engineer like that used on an American ice hockey or football helmet. I would be delighted if anyone could give me help on how to do this


New member
here is a pretty good picture i found of it. Its just the faceguard not the red head part. Id be very grateful for any help thanks.



New member
ok, there are literally loads of ways of modeling that.. here are a couple.. <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />

first one.

create a surface of the shape you are looking for (imagine all the holes filled in). again you can do this many many ways depending on your abilities.. ISDX springs to mind for me personally but you could just as easily use boundary blend, or variable section sweep, or it seems almost "egg" shaped so you could do a revolve and warp it to a better shape.. then if you have ISDX use COS(Curve on surface) to sketch the trajectories of the individual bars.. if you don't have isdx, create a plane offset from the surface and sketch on that and then project teh lines on to the surface.. these lines can then beas a trajectory to sweep circular cross-sections along them.. so that's method 1..

second one..

well, if you can some how digitize the location of each intersection,you can then create a point ate each of thoselocations.. then insert a datum curve through each or the corresponding points.. now this is your trajectory to sweep circular cross-sections (adjust points if you do not want the bars to intersect..

third one..

again digitize and insert the points.. Use "insert\advanced\pipe" command to create the bars or the guard..

hope this helps..

Edited by: james.lynch