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Hard Milling & Highspeed Milling for Pro


New member

What pro manufacturing are you using. I believe that if your are using expert machinist these type of features should be in there. Be aware that as you know there are a lot of cam packages out there and if you are doing molds or major surfacing there are softwares just for that. I have not seen alot of the cam packages you linked. I have been using pro man for around five years and I can tell you pro man was not built with very much input of machinists. I can do a lot with proman but if it was not for the link between pro e and pro man I would of dumped pro man a long time ago. You can buy a lot more for power in some other cam packages but it has no good link to proe. I think a cam software was just hooked up with proe. Alot of what you are referring to can be done with some third party software "vericut" and someone that knows how to build a good post. Good luck.


Hi Andi
These all feature are available in Wildfire 2. Roughing and Re-Roughing u can find easily in machining >>new sequence menu.
Trochoidal machining is just the Constant load in WF2, just u need to set the parameters as u need, like step depth, step over etc.
Veriable step finishing u can find in finishing type of sequence.
Feed rate optimization is only a mess and nothing more, bcoze u must know about the maximum and minimum material removal rate, bcoze software ask u to input (what ever u use vericut or any thing), why don


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I know that this thread has not been checked in six months....
wondering What SFM you guys would run Carbide on CoCr? Thank for the