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Handling Sheet Metal Punches and Dies in Intralink


New member
When designing punches and dies for my sheet metal usage, is there a way to store them in Intralink (3.3 in my case)? And, is there a setting for these punches that might tell the system where to look?

Steve C
You might want to talk to your system administrators. They can give you your companies' specific procedure on how and where to store your files, and also set you up with accounts and passwords - and your very own working directory!!

They may also have specific ways that family tables are used.
Yes, but I don't see them used in this case. What I'm after is a way, if it exists, to store and retrieve punch and die data from Intralink 3.3 and a option that would automatically point me to the right folder in my commenspace.

Steve C
Try writing a mapkey which will do a file open and navigate to the commenspace director for your die data. It will work well as long as the commenspace directory doesn't get too large.


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