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New member
I've done it!!!

Three years of searching and I've finally managed to change the appearance of the hidden lines on a plot.

I've tried change the table.pnt nothing happens, changed the pens patterns assignments nothing.


changed the value to 0.4 perfect. Pro-engineer describes the option as 'Specifies the scaling factor for the DOTFONT line style in a plot'. This option also alters the HIDDENLINE font appearance.

I just had to share this with everyone!.


New member
G'day from Au,

I have been using the plot_linestyle_scale for years and I am not saying that anyone is stupid but what I am saying is that your posting prompted me to revisit something that has baffled me for years that I had given up on.

If anyone has had a problem with pipe centerlines showing as solid around the bends instead of a centerline then this config optionwill fix it.

use_software_linefonts NO

This is one of the reasons I love forums, other peoples thoughts and suggestions prompt you to reroute your own thinking and quite often resolve an issue, as it has done in this instance.

Many thanks,
Max Weston


New member
Re: Hallelujah

Just a suggestion, Maybe for a bit of entertainment (and learning) we could post an obscure config.pro option or menu pick daily for members to investigate. I don't think we would run out of material any time soon.

Maybe Jason Turk or someone at MCC could manage somethinglike this, that is if they had the time.

Seriously, I think that users would benifit by this kind of dialogue.

Max Weston.