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New member
Whit the Pro\E Wildfire I get a program named Groove. It looks like some kind of mailing, conferencing software. If anybody knows how to use it, or where can I find some help or description on the internet for it please tell me.



New member
You are right. Groove Technologies is a third party software that enables Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire to do conference sessions over the internet. When you install Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, there is an option for Design Conferencing.

It is a licensed software. If you have recently upgraded your licensing to Flexible Engineering 3 packages or if you purchased Flexible Engineering II packages you will have licensing for this software.

I'm not sure what you can do with it if you don't have licensing for it. You may be able to join a conference, but not host one. I really don't know.


New member
It appears to be a gapping security hole and does nasty things to your configuration. I would recommend against installing it on any production machine until you've evaluated it and decide it's usefull.

Bernie Hayden



New member
I had groove version 2.5 on my computer when I installed wildfire (which comes with groove version 2.1 I believe). Design conferencing does not work now.

Does anybody know if I have to go back to the older version to get conferencing to work?