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Graphics advice...


New member
I need some advice for a good opengl card at a 'reasonable' price. Why reasonable? Well, it's for a training box at home. I need to get up to speed

with new versions of proe because it's been since pro/e v.20 that I've actually done some productive work on it (had to work with solid designer on my last job). My box is a dual PIII 500 (which should be fine) but the matrox G400 doesn't perform at all with wildfire.

So... Any advice on a great opengl card?

BUT! One imortant side note... it needs to be a card with good linux support. I've installed win2k on my linux box (my primary OS), so I'de really like them to get along... I really like 3dlabs stuff... any good??? Many say to go for a Geforge4 card. Do they perform well with proe?




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any NVIDIA starting with GFORCE4 MX440

I work for 5 years only with NVIDIA cards.

... but of course I say FROM: GF4 Mx440 ... after that depends how much money u have for that, and what u want is your expectations.



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NVIDIA is aprouved from PTC.

... p.s. I work 2 weeks with 3DLabs Oxigen VX and Pro/E 2001, and I changed to NVIDIA ... this is my personal experience.

... I never try Wildcat, maybe is good, many people say that.

but if is for home ... man, is expensive!


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Hi there:

Any of the nvidia cards will do the trick.. You may have to experiment with drivers, but this will only be minor tweeking. If you want to maintain your sanity loose the Matrox card now - The card has a very sharp and detailed 2D image but unfortunately matrox's OpenGL drivers suck....

Skuld ....


i would like to add my opinion to this conversation

i suggest also NVidia graphics cards

I work with a NVidia GeForce 4 Ti 4600 in my work but at home for my personall use i work with a GForce 200MX.

With the latest driver (detonator) from Nvidia i could say that GForce 200MX does the the work for training matters (unless you wanna use proe up to the limits....)

Nvidia produces very fair cards for the money you pay



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if you need to practice at home then i take it the files arent going to be so large.

I have run pro-e student on at home on a P3 500 with 420m ram with a Nvidia ge-force3 (gamers card).

This gives me better results than the P3 1MB i was using at work with a wildcat card........

And i`m no genius with PC's but it worked fine.

Ok large asemblies do prove difficult to work on but for a mavhine i can pick up 2nd hand here for sub


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What type of AGP slot do you have? I have a WIldcat II 5110 that I'm trying to sell, but you'll need at least an AGP Pro 50 slot to run it. Card is a barely used pull from a Dell Prec 530. 144MB of onboard memory. Runs 2000i2 flawlessly. I'm looking to get around $250 out of it.

Email me at [email protected] if you're interested.



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I just loaded the newest cut of wildfire today and the release notes say that Nvidia cards are no longer supported by PTC for anything but Linux.



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It is listed on the site as certified but that the hard copy of the release notes say that they do not support nvidia for anything but linux. The release notes are a couple of weeks old and the hardware list on the ptc site is never as current.



New member

It isn't the release notes. It's in the Customer Letter/Read This First document.

An interim workaround was also in that RTF:

If you are running Pro/ENGINEER on a Wildfire-supported NVIDIA graphic card and experience performance problems in real-time rendering, PTC recommends switching the color settings of your display properties to 32-bit as an interim workaround.

It shouldn't be a problem if you don't use real time rendering.

I'm currently having a hard time justifying $300++ graphics cards for use with wildfire. We're contemplating on $200++ NVIDIA GEForce4 cards which are not supported by Wildfire. PTC only supports and/or certifies professional workstation video cards and not gaming cards:

Well, if it's only the rendering issue then maybe we can live with our cheaper cards. I still haven't encountered problems with sketcher or modelling with our NVIDIA GeForce 4 card on Wildfire Datecode 2003100.


New member
We are talking about the same document.

See the attached image for an exact quote.

View attachment 183

I have a ti440 128 meg card and its brutal in wireframe but its okay shaded.

Its not optimal.



New member
I am looking for a system which can support proe 2001,

My config is

1. p4 12.4 gHz

2. 512 mb ddr memory

3.Nvidia graphic card

4. D-link Network card

Do i need anything else which can make proe run faster, better?


New member
I think youll have it nailed with the 12.4 ghz p4 :)

I have a pIII 733 at home with a vx1 and it works pretty well with 2001.