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Graphic Library CD


New member
Can anyone tell me what is on the Graphics Library Cd before I try to install it?

Going by the name, I assume its PRO/E parts? And if so, are they decent/worthwhile parts?


New member
Mostly texture maps for photorendering, plus alot of other files for advanced rendering (CDRS). No part files that I know of.

The part library is a separate CD


As bem says - the Graphics library has mainly rendering stuff.

However, there is also a Pro/E Basic library CD that contains a load of fasteners, etc in family table format.

Categories like:

Nuts, bolts, rivets, washers in ISO, metric & JIS standards

Also UDFs of common features.


New member
Be aware with the SE you're not supposed to be able to open files that were created in a commercial license of the software. (But in my experience I have been able to open some commercially-created files in the SE.) I doubt that parts libraries exist for the SE.

David Martin

Torgon Industries