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I'm once again buying a cheap production PC and choosing graphic cards,

The options I have now are:

MSI FX5200 128MB ~$75

ATI 9500 64MB ~$125

Would it pay to buy the better but more expensive 9500?

I have seen in the past that ATI and ProE don't relate well, but what do you say?

Do anyone have experience with the ATI 9500 and ProE?

I propose to make some kind of Forum or poll where we can all rate the performance of the different cards we use with proE and whether or not you can use OpenGL with it..

I now have an TNT2 32MB which has a lousy performance but good visuals with openGL and a little better performance with Win32GDI.

And also an Intel Extreme2 with 64MB assigned which has good performance but not so good visuals, not really able to test with OpenGL


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The thing is that I'm not in the United States and our government has currently a currency control that prohibits imports.

We're basically stuck with what we are offered locally.

That's the primary reason we can't use better hardware.


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Hi ViZ...

I would go with the MSI FX5200 128MB. You are right about the ATI cards not always relating to proe, some people have no problems but we have had many problems here with our hardware testing machines. So we no longer bother with any of the ATI chipset cards. There is a good reason that NVidia are king of the heap with midrange graphics chipsets. The Intel extreme chipsets are not really in the OpenGL race as they are principally designed for on-board graphics solutions. These are, at best a compromise and cannot be considered as a medium cost OpenGL solution.

If you want to compare OpenGL graphics cards have a look at or both of these sites use the SpecViewperf benchmarks when reviewing cards intended for professional use (they also sometimes use this benchmark on the domestic cards). This is a good test to see how a card performs under real worlds applications like Proe, Unigraphics, Solidworks, 3D studio and other professional applications.

Skud ^_^

PS: If you get better performance from the Win32GDI drivers you have a real problem with the graphics card and should replace the card at the first possible chance.


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I cannot be quiet when I am read that someone calls some of these programs professional. Solidworks and 3D studio are not professional solutions :)

About graphic card


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I'd echo the sentiment on ATI. I've had three of them over the years and there's always been an issue with getting them to work correctly with new software. Never again.