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Global Data Sharing


New member
Does anyone out there work concurrently with sites in remote locations? I am in Atlanta and need to replicate data to Japan. I know we can do this with Intralink but I would like to hear your opinions, suggestions etc...

Also, how can I determine "what has changed" from replication to replication? Does anyone out there have an aftermarket tool that can visually show the updates? I had heard that Komatsu had something but I don't know where to look.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


New member
Hi, my name is Richard Borders and I'm the Engineering Systems Adninistrator for Komatsu in Chattanooga. Who do you work for?

We do not use replication. We have access to the Komatsu LTD.Commonspace on our workstations. Data replication works good in theory but making sure the servers are in sync can be a headache.

What do you mean you heard Komatsu had something?

Feel free to call me and we can discuss further.