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Getting started

Gene Thomas

New member
I'mnew to SolidWorks and need help getting started with routing. Can anyone recommend a text book, reference book, training book or tutorial? I tried Schroff Development Corporation, SWHelpand Thompson Delmar without success.


New member
OK, now I'm commenting- if you want this (www.forefrontstudios.com/index_files/RMHome.htm)for 2007, I wouldn't recommend it- it appears that there are significant differences between 2005 and '07. Plus it focuses mainly on tubing and piping- no electrical harnesses.

I emailed the author asking about a 2007 version, but have yet to receive a reply.

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New member
What is the 2d Wiring diagram software sw partners with to create harnesses in assemblies? Is Mentor used much in industry?