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New member
I have a model that has a Circular Runout Geo tol. Below and connected
to the Geo tol it has a Projected Tolerance zone with a height of 85mm.
I go to create this Geo tol and Pro/E will not let me add a projected
tolerance zone to a circular runout. HELP!! I don't know what to do


New member
Projected tolerance zonefor runout?! I might be wrong, but that is an illegal callout.

How would you interpret such a tolerace?


New member
All I know is they are calling a circular runout on a thread with a Projected Zone just below it. I run into this all the time with these old prints. My problem is I know something is wrong but what I don't knowis the road to take.

Does anybody know why a Projected Tolerance zone on the Circular runout GEOTOL is wrong. I need some ammo before I go to the bosses.



Circular Runout is measured by putting an indicator on the surface and revolving the part around the datum axis. How are you going to put an indicator on a projected zone? Projected tolerance zone is specifically forbidden for a circular runout gtol. To my knowledge, projected tolerance zones are ONLY used for true position GTOL.

I have a great book titled Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Self-Study Workbook 2nd Edition based on ASME Y14.5M-1994 by Alex Krulikowski. I have had it a long time, don't know if it is still available. The best part is it has a block diagram for each type of GTOL listing all the options, modifiers, etc. and what is allowed & what is forbidden. Follow the block diagram through and you are sure to have a valid GTOL.
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