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Geometric Tolerance-Challenging


New member
I created a Gtol Datum A from drawing. Then i made some Gtols such as
Flatness, Runout, Parallelism with some values such as .001mm.

When i went to that part i saw the Gtols Flatness, Runout,
Parallelism is being displayed in 3D part . I couldnt hide it. How can
we hide the Gtol in part mode, which has been created in the drawing.
Plz help this one. This is in WF2.0View attachment 904
Please see this Sample file & check if u can help me out.2005-05-17_011649_trial.prt.zip
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New member
Hi Sarav,

If you don't mind. Can you uploaded your model and Drawing somewhere here. Otherwise if you send me those I hope I can help you.

Here Is my mail ID: [email protected]

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In the bottom right corner of the interface is a drop down box - change the selection type to Annotation.

Select the Gtols, right-click & hide. Go to the layer tree & save status.


New member

I found the way 4 this. Just
create a new layer & then just move those Gtol into that layer
& then hide it. Thats All matter finished.

Anyway thank u guys 4 ur reply.