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Generative Shape Design - Multi Section Surface


New member

I currently designed the outer surface of a carbon handlebar that I want to realise in the composite design workbench.
The only problem I got is the transition from an aeroprofiled section (Two simple splines connected with a big circle in the front and a smaller at the rear end) to the outer circular section of the handle. No matter what I do, I can´t create a tangency at the transition of the "aeroprofile" and the "corner".

I put all transitions in both cross sections ("aeroprofile" and "handle") to tangency. As well as I smoothened all surfaces subject to transition zones, I restricted the guiding elements (Shown orange in Picture1) with tangency to the adjacent surfaces.

Any time I want to add the left hand "aeroprofile" - surface to "tagent" in the upper list of the Multi-section Surface Definitions Window, there is a window popping up saying "extrusion of a vertex lead to a cusp".

Note that the sections (Spline & Circle) are at some 90 degrees around the vertical axis and 10 degrees around the horizontal axis.

Any Ideas?

Thank you for your Answers! :)