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General info on Wildfire


New member

My company is thinking of upgrading us from proe 2001 to Wild fire. As a result, I had some questions.

1st How does it run in windows XP?

2nd How does it run in windows 2000? which is better if either?

3rd It seems like wildfire may be more sensitive to the video card compared to 2001 (based on post I have seen on this forum) is that correct? I did print up the approved video cards.

4th Is there any major changes to setting up the and macros in wildfire? Is it easier or harder then 2001?

5th Will Wildfire search sub-dir or do you still need to list them individual in the config file?

6th Does wildfire have a way to move files and dir. and keep track of the moves so you don't have to research when opening an assy for the first time after the move?

7th Is the lisence management handled better?

8th Any big warning I should be aware of? Specific action to take to make set up easier?

We are looking at Aug. 22 for the update so if people could responded before then, that would be great.


New member
It runs fine on Win 2000 and the graphics card is more sensitive. I have an ATI card that is not on the list and it is poor on 2001 and horrible on Wildfire. Go for an Nvidia card.

It loads easily and the licence is the same on a stand alone machine. You can have 2001 and Wildfire both on the machine and I would recommend that until you are used to Wildfire.

I can only assume that a network licence is similar.


Nose Bleed

New member
Wildfire runs great on win 2000! My vid card is not on the certified list, but it works fine...

there's no major changes with teh I put MAJOR in quotes, because unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to really mess with it yet. However, my normal settings that I have in 2001 work the same...


New member
It works fine for me... I had licensing issues though. My entire studio is now on keygenned files... stupid WinXP giving loopback address 00204c4f4f50 instead of real MAC addy.

I like Wildfire much better. The proproduction build only took 1 cd though while the final release is 3... :(