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New member
ummm..... i'm not sure about using relations. you could always use var sec sweep to create one tooth, then pattern it around the disk to form all the teeth. hope this helps.


New member
I would make the generic gear as above and then modify it to add relations. The help files are pretty complete about how to create relations.

I am not sure what you are attempting to do but have you considered family tables as well as relations?



New member
helllo Friends,

I dont know, my method is right or wrong. I used to model the gear as follows:

1. model one tooth and patter to number of teeth.

2.Tweek>Toroidal bend.

3. U will get a gear and no material will inside. so after that simple revolve or protude or simply fill the space.

I have modeled spar, helical and bevel gear also through this method.

I request you please let me know, my method is correct or wrong.

thank you



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