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GD&T symbol properties - crash


New member
5 times now I have tried to edit the properties of a GD&T symbol and had PRO-E just dissappear.

Pro/Link 3.3, WF2.0 -I deleted and recreated the symbol to see if that would help.


New member
I hope this issue because of display problem. Try to change your display and see. I have faced the same problem with some Hole features, what I did is I switched off the preview option. But in GD&T case , we can't turnoff the display.


New member
Is the GD&T symbolembedded in a note.WF 2.0 has a bug with embedded GD&T symbols. A crash will occur if you attempt to modify the note. If you have a note with an embedded GD&T symbol, modify the GD&T symbol from within Prt Model or Assembly Model.

I hope this helps.


New member
We have the issue here.. I reported it to ProE about 3 months ago.. got an SPR number and everything but it still isn't resolved.

Consider it "A quick exit". :)