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Gauge numbers


New member
what would be the best method for putting in gauge lines and letters
the go around a 1 inch diameter 360 degrees. I tried a projected
cosmetic sketch but the lines get distorted or not the same width from
each other as it moves from the sketching plane.


New member
Thank you, but now I have a new problem. I can't seem to use the gauge
number sketch to make a cut. I need to cut the numbers but
EDIT->OFFSET won't allow me to select the sketch I just created with
the wrap feature. Please tell me that there is a easer way than
creating a new datums and sketches for every notch and number!


Try using a draft offset with a negative offset value. This works
in 2001, there might be a better way with Wildfire 2 now.


New member
It seems that all I have is EDIT->OFFSET. When I click on the surface and choose select by sketch it won't let me select the wrapped sketch.


New member
If you are trying to cut the gauge numbers into a solid, which I'm not sure you are, then this may work:

- Select the surface you want to cut them into, then EDIT->OFFSET.

- Change the type to "With Draft Feature" in the bottom left corner.

- Click the REFERENCES tab, then DEFINE.

- When the Sketch box pops up, click on the PLANE that your numbers are sketched on and click the "Sketch" button.

- Once in Sketcher, click SKETCH->EDGE->USE.

- Use this feature to select all of your numbers, and then exit Sketcher.

- Finish defining your Offset to specify the dimensions, etc.


New member
The method that I mentioned will work on a rounded surface. I
have used it before to put text around the circumference of a
cylindrical solid. It results in your numbers being cut normal to
the rounded surface.


New member
The problem is that the text and my notches are wrapped and with this
method I would have to create two datums for each notch and text. This
would be in the upwards of about 200 datums. This is because it only
will cut normal to the sketch. what I'm looking for is a way to cut a
wrapped sketch around a circle without creating a billion datums.