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gaps in mold feature


New member
as i have earlier mentioned about errors about parting surface gaps, here is some more description Split feature has failed. The volume cannot be split for either of the following reasons:

- a hole in the reference part is not closed off by parting surface, or

- the gap between the reference part and the workpiece has not been closed off

by a single parting surface quilt

The hole or gap is located somewhere along the cyan curve with red endpoints.

The curve starts at one side of the parting surface, goes through the hole or gap,

and ends at the other side of the parting surface.

Recommended actions:

Redefine parting surface and create geometry to either close the hole or bridge the gap.

In cases where multiple parting surface quilts are used to bridge the gap,

these parting surfaces must be merged into one quilt.

please let me know about this.zubair


New member
you must have one single quilt for parting surface.

That quilt must have boundarys outside of workpiece.

or email me at [email protected], i will give yo another adress if u wnat to send the part to me.



New member
One thing to mention about creating parting surfaces. KEEP IT SIMPLE, do not radius the corners of your work piece. Keep this geometry as simple as possible.

And as stated before the parting surface must be ONE continuous airtight surface. If you think about it logically how can you create (2) mold halves if your parting surface has holes or geometry issues. Just be sure you do not see any yellow area's on your parting surface.