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Gaming Video Cards


New member

A while back several people said they were using pny 5950 video cards with Pro/e. I would like to know if they are still having good results with the card, and are the running Wildfire 1.0, 2.0, and Windows XP.

My goal is to find a good gaming card for my system, (P4, Win XP) that will run Pro/e well (if there is such a thing).




New member
i am using NVIDIA GEFORCE4 MX440

i know it doesnt have any problem with proe or any other graphic dependent application so far. Of course i'm periodically upgrading its driver, but yet i found it very powerfull in handling such applications.



New member
Have you considerd the VP's by 3Dlabs? They are the only ones I know that have optimised drivers for both games and business aplications. I have a VP870 in one puter and a FX1000 in another. The VP870 was giving me heat in Wildfire until the new M150 version, but now it is working great.



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