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fresnel lense


New member
I have been asked to model a plastic fresnel lense. I will be getting an excel spread sheet with the points i need for the facets in the revolve. the part will have over 1,100 facets. any suggestions?


New member
If you are making the model to represent the fesnel lens, I would use a cosmetic sketch to represent the facets.

If you need to accurately respresent the facets, I would go with surfaces, they'll regen faster


New member
Plastic Fresnel lenses usually consist of a large number of concentric rings with one face at a different angle from next one. Width of this basic revolved profile can also differ.

Ask for a data set that would have these parameters. For an accurate model of the lens, try this:

1. Create basic revolved ring with these parameters.

2. Pattern it - TABLE will do.

3. Read excel spreadsheet into the table.

4. Hit regen and grab a cup of coffee, it is going to take a while.


New member
Thanks brano,

That will work, now I just have to figure out how to import the xl spreadsheet in to Pro-table. This model will be used for optical analysis so it needs to be the proper geometry.


New member
It would be interesting to see the model on this after you are done, just for curiosity. You should post the model or some snap shots of the part when you get done...