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New member
As I was saying in my post on problems with ATI catalyst:

I used it, driver was recomended by a member of a forum, and it works
just fine. It's really easy to use and all, but I recommend you
research if your Radeon is upgradeable and to which exact FireGL model
since you'll maybe have to choose between couple different models. It
will save you some time and nerves.

Tip: don't try upgrading your card by flashing FireGL BIOS in!!!
Although people recommend it, statistics show you'll end up having
unusable card.

Good luck!


New member
It's great to hear of your success with the freefiregl driver
So you didn't have to flash the bios oruse the rivatuner or anything? It looks like a Radeon 9700 Pro can be converted to a FireGL X1-128 so I think I'll give it a try. Thanks!


New member
Has anyonehad success with the Freefiregl drivers and a Mobility<SUP> </SUP>Radeon 9700? Does it work with the mobile versions? Hopefully someone has tried it.