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Free SOLIDWORKS Product Help

Kevin Shayne

New member
So many people search for free SOLIDWORKS training or help. That's a vast request because there's a lot of specific training. We all know about the training provided at resellers but there's also a wealth of knowledge available via webinars and other content.

One source I came across is a huge library (fully indexed) of webinars that explain how to utilize nearly every product in the SOLIDWORKS line up. Plus, they cover specifics on CAD functionality across a broad spectrum.

Check it out:
Recorded SOLIDWORKS Webinars

The nice thing is that CADD Edge also provides a thing they call 3 Minute Thursdays. Each Thursday they post 1 and sometimes 2 tips on various SOLIDWORKS products. What's great is that they are short and specific and they are all videos so I don't even need to read. You can subscribe to it since it's a blog so I get reminders when they post.
Look here: 3 Minute Thursdays