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FREE Product Safety Sticker Catalog


New member
This catalog contains 11 product safety sticker templates (see attached .jpg file) used in conjunction with the symbols provided in SES_0004-1 of 2-Product Safety Symbol Catalog, you can make an infinite number of variations. User Parameters are used to change just about every value on the template.

Even if you don't make Product Safety Stickers this technique has allot of good information contained within it.
1. There is want I think is the best 3D Text Tool contained within each sticker that allows you to change
3D text as easily as changing a User Parameter (no manual DXFing required).
2. There is a good example of using a Scaling feature as a Sketch for Pads, Pockets etc.
3. I show you how to reposition Copy Pasted as Result with Link Sketches in any location you wish.

You can download it all free from my website at Solid Engineering Solutions, CATIA V5. All parts were created using CATIAV5 R21.

I hope you enjoy these stickers as much as I did creating them. Question, comments, and suggestions are always welcomed.

Thank You